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TDM Consulting would like to be your trust partner to operate all necessary dynamics in purchasing real estate.

We provide the finest level of real estate service. Our agency can help to find you your dream home or necessary investment opportunity .Our team has over 10 years of collective real estate experience to assist you with the largest selection of residential ,land and commercial properties.

Italian legislation permit to the foreigners buying of real estate in Italy ,to invest in this country and to open your own business and company.

If you stop your search of property on Italy, our lawyer  check carefully all the documents of seller: cadastral documents, mortgage and lien ,only after that one may proceed a process of purchasing.

Before acquiring a real estate in Italy, one must proceed the Tax Code (Codice Fiscale).When all documents are ready its possible to sign a Preliminary contract (to stop the property).The Final contract one sign in  the presence of notary in notary’s office. After that, notary must register your property in Real Estate Register. During all acquiring period ,we provide all this service to our client.

We assure a complete and what is more important confidential service.

Foreign real estate it is first of all a perfect investment of your capital. So ,investing your money today, you guaranty a prosperity and future for yourself and your children.

Land and Property Real Estate has followed a golden rule for years 

“If we do not deserve your business, then we don’t want it”

We provide following services in Real estate:

  • Economic and Financial property consultation.
  • Legal consultation
  • Post purchasing consultations
  • Acquisition of Golden Visa.


Economic and Financial property consultation.

We help to purchase any kind of property (residential, commertial, landlots, castles, manors, hotels restaurants etc.)

We determine a plan of marketing and all necessary  documentations for buying/selling of property.

Estimation of real estate with relative studying and strategy of HBU(highest and Best Use Analysis) to obtain the best information for  valuation.

Legal consultation.

Mortgage loan financing is available and can be obtained  through Italian bank. We providing all necessary information relative to this process.

Checking if the property is free from mortgage, lien etc; assistance in obtaining a Tax Code (Codice Fiscale).

We are an experts in tax advices and we collaborate with primary credit institutions. We assist our clients in all banking financial process to obtain a mortgage or financing.

Post purchasing consultations. Our concept of working is to continue also after a purchasing.

We introduce  new techniques and completing many technically challenging ,high-profile projects:

general construction, commercial contracting, residential building, home improvement ,renovation, project management, engineering design, operations and maintenance, supply of equipment and systems.

We obtain all necessary documentations connected with all accomplished works.

Acquisition of Golden Visa (Permanent Residence Permission).

Purchasing a property in Europe  gives you a possibility to obtain a Schengen Golden Visa. We will assist you in all process in this very delicate activity: we check all necessary documents, prepare, work them out in Competent Institutions till your visa is ready.

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