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Our approach to the legal advices is complete and effective.

We operate as in Italy so abroad.

Our team speaks Italian, english, russian ,french and spanish .So we used to satisfy a lot of international clients with quick execution of work.

Legal Real Estate consultation.

We support you not only in legal activity connected in purchasing/selling property ,but also in preparation of before and post documentations. In such serious activity like purchasing and selling a property, we are the professional  and competent for all the activities and obligatory phases.We check all documentation and support you from preliminary contract to final contract of purchasing. We are an experts of tax advice and we can support you in banking managing of banking financing and mortgage.

After purchasing a property we can assist you with our partners(architects, reconstruction companies)for all property working that you need. We support you until you get all necessary documentation of all reconstructive working (certificate of conformity of the plants, energy certifications, certificate of habitability, tax deductions etc…).

Legal consultation of immigrants.

Our company work with civil legal activity in Italy.

We also provide legal services to immigrants and families.

Our comprehensive range of services includes direct representation ,case consultation, advocacy, community education, financial counseling and impact litigation.

We help to obtain long stay visas, residence permit, permanent permissions, Italian citizenship etc…

Legal consultation for Golden Visa (Elective Residence)

Residenza elettiva (Elective Residence visa) is issued to foreigners who intend to settle in Italy and is able to support themselves without  any work. This type of visa is  valuable in all Schengen countries. Purchasing a property in Italy not give you the right to obtain  European Stay Permit( Permesso di Soggiorno),as well as a long stay visa. All you may ask is the visa C that gives you a right to enter in the country not more than for 90 days in 6 months.

Our lawyer will present personally all  your documents in Italian Consulate in Russia,Kazakistan,USA,Cina,Austria etc. A list of necessary documents may need some addition, but ussually during his first visit in  Consulate for obtaining Golden Visa the copy  of documents is enough.

Our lawyer check personally all documens. His work is particularly confidential and secure.

If the  consulate  gives  a possitive answer, you  will obtain  visa D that gives you a right to stay in Italy  for 365 days. After  that, you need enter in Italy  because the request to issue a Residence Permit is lodged at the authorized bodies where you will be accompanied with a Lawyer with  special modules  to conclude a process. As a result of this , you will obtain a Residenza Elettiva(Golden Visa).

This type of document give you an opportunity in 5 years to obtain  Carta di Soggiorno (Permanent Stay Permition) and if you wish in 10 years Italian Citizenship.

With our assistance you will obtain more secure results with less time!

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